Designed to help you lose weight!

20 Day Diet™

At Creative Bioscience, we know one size does not fit all. After all, sometimes, you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. We have designed 20 Day Diet™ for those times when you don't need to lose a lot of weight, but you don't need to lose a little.

We have slow and steady solutions to lose and then maintain, and we also provide quick solutions to get you where you need to be so you can take it from there with healthy foods and active living. How much weight do you want to lose? If you have more than a little but not quite a lot, we have designed 20 Day Diet™ for you. In about 3 weeks, 20 Day Diet™ and its clinically supported ingredients could give you the help you need to make some pretty significant changes in your appearance and how you feel.

20 Day Diet™ combines an impressive arsenal of clinically supported herbs that shown to help you fight fat. Its design is intended to be used with the designated diet protocol or in conjunction with other diets. Either way, we leave the choice to you. The scientifically potent nutraceuticals of 20 Day Diet™ are celebrated for weight loss. These neutraceuticals include Lychee Fruit Extract, African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, Guarana Seed Extract, Citrus aurantium, and Green Tea Extract. Each of these herbal ingredients is carefully selected for weight loss properties including appetite suppression, craving control, and energy supply. We believe that 20 Day Diet™ is more than another diet, we believe 20 Day Diet™ is the better way to diet.

With 20 Day Diet™ you can continue your exercise program, or simply continue to live your normal, active life. It's up to you, and what your weight loss goals are. This is not intended as a long program, just about 3 weeks. We don't ask you to starve yourself, buy a gym membership, or follow confusing instructions. On 20 Day Diet™, we only ask you to take 2 weight loss supplement capsules 30 minutes before your morning meal, shop for nutritious foods, and eat sensible portions. The dynamic diet support capsules contain the best clinically supported ingredients that we could find.

As you start to lose weight you'll feel better and look great, so friends and family will start to ask you how you're doing it. Go ahead and tell them you're using 20 Day Diet™, a natural supplement with clinically supported powerful herbal extracts to help you burn fat and give you energy. That's the bottom line: We've designed 20 Day Diet™ to work throughout the day, so that you can improve your health, and get on with your life.

Buy 20 Day Diet™ today. Don't do the same thing again and again and expect a different result. Remember, when you buy from Creative Bioscience you also get 24/7 expert support from certified weight loss specialists by telephone at 877.744.1224, or email at How much do you want to lose?